bitmath is a Python module I wrote for working with file size units (ex: 12GiB, 64kB) as objects. You can use them just like you would use regular numbers in python. It’s full of other functionality as well. Objects have native ‘convert to $unit‘ methods, support native arithmetic, are sortable, and include a ‘best human readable prefix’ method.

Since March 2014, bitmath had only been available via PyPi and Fedora/EPEL repositoriesNow, as of July 2nd 2016, bitmath is natively available to Ubuntu users by means of a new Personal Package Archive (PPA) hosting bitmath builds for Xenial, Wily, Vivid, Trusty, and Precise.

Ubuntu users can install bitmath in the following way:


Ubuntu support wouldn’t have happened if GitHub user hkraal hadn’t submitted an issue. Thanks Henk for getting the fire lit!